Well, you know I like photography...

My dad got me my first real camera, a NIkon FM2, a considerable time ago in a galaxy way far away. That teen summer was my first introduction to photography with a class that taught everything from composition to the darkroom.  I stayed analog for years, happily shooting both positive and negative film.  Points to you if you don't need to ask what the difference is.  A few years later, I joined my college newspaper, because at that point, I thought I might pursue photojournalism.

That didn't happen, but the rest of my life did, so my photography slowed down.  I barely shot anything- though opportunities like the Millennium Photo Project were just too interesting to resist!  Mostly, I just photo'd my family.

Then one day, my wonderful husband gave me an iPhone 4.  I spent a couple years shooting A LOT with that iPhone and its successors. 24K+ shots later, I was feeling golden and entering contests. Now, after all these years, I was given a digital Nikon, again by my hubby. So I'm catching up on the last twenty years of digital advancement in photography.

Oh, and I still shoot film.  With my background, I will always love lomography and all the happy accidents that come along with it.

Thanks for looking.